flat [1] ADJECTIVE (flatter, flattest) 1) having a level and even surface. 2) not sloping. 3) with a level surface and little height or depth: a flat cap. 4) (of shoes) without high heels. 5) lacking vitality or interest: a flat voice. 6) (of a sparkling drink) having lost its effervescence. 7) (of something kept inflated) having lost some or all of its air. 8) Brit. (of a battery) having exhausted its charge. 9) (of a fee, charge, or price) unvarying; fixed. 10) (of a negative statement) definite and firm: a flat denial. 11) (of musical sound) below true or normal pitch. 12) (after a noun ) (of a note or key) lower by a semitone than a specified note or key.
ADVERB 1) in or to a horizontal position. 2) so as to become level and even. 3) informal completely; absolutely: she turned him down flat. 4) emphasizing the speed of an action: in ten minutes flat.
NOUN 1) the flat part of something. 2) (flats) an area of low level ground, especially near water. 3) informal a flat tyre. 4) (the Flat) Brit. flat racing. 5) an upright section of stage scenery. 6) a musical note lowered a semitone below natural pitch. 7) the sign () indicating this.
fall flat — Cf. ↑fall flat
flat out — Cf. ↑flat out
on the flat — Cf. ↑on the flat
DERIVATIVES flatly adverb flatness noun flattish adjective.
ORIGIN Old Norse.
flat [2] NOUN chiefly Brit. a set of rooms comprising an individual place of residence within a larger building.
VERB (flatted, flatting) Austral./NZ live in or share a flat.
go flatting — Cf. ↑go flatting
DERIVATIVES flatlet noun.
ORIGIN alteration of obsolete flet «floor, dwelling»; related to FLAT(Cf. ↑flattish).

English terms dictionary. 2015.

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